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Top Medical Oncology Treatment in Hyderabad


At SLG Cancer Center, the Medical Oncology Department is engaged in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer through providing customized multi-modal therapies which conform to the highest medical protocols. It specializes in delivering treatments such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy / targeted therapy and hormone therapy personalized to the patients.
Our team of top Medical oncologists in Hyderabad works in coordination with the rest of our team, usually comprising specialists in Surgical Oncology or Radiation Oncology, to offer the best clinical outcomes as well as provide well-designed supportive services to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and other treatments.
To provide the best cancer treatment, our medical oncologists study the type and stage of cancer before recommending one or a combination of the following options:

Chemotherapy uses medications or drugs to destroy cancer cells and prevent them from spreading.
Immunotherapy, also referred to as biological, uses biologic agents to give the immune system a boost to fight and resist cancer cells.
Hormone therapy uses medicines to block or reduce the amount of certain hormones in the body to stop the growth of cancer cells.
Targeted therapy, uses drugs to target specific receptors and molecules in cancer cells to stop growth and spread to other organs.

To ensure optimum effectiveness, our medical oncologists tailor the treatment program to the disease, general health of each individual patient.
For the convenience of patients, SLG Cancer Center has special arrangements to facilitate day care chemotherapy. The facility is designed to have a calm environment that inspires relaxation and reassurance. Our oncology nurses caters all the needs to make the patient as comfortable as possible.


Personalised Chemotherapy

This high-end therapeutic method is the next level of treating cancer with more personalised drugs. It encompasses various tests and profiling to know if a particular drug will be successful to treat the cancer and how the patient’s body would react when the drug is administered. With its more focused and personalized approach, this procedure yields more effective and efficient outcomes in combating cancer.

Top Medical Oncology treatment in Hyderabad

Molecular Profiling

Our specialists conduct Molecular Profiling using the most advanced Diagnostic techniques. In this procedure, the cancer tissue sample collected for biopsy or the patient’s blood sample undergoes molecular biology tests to predict the patient’s chance of responding to the administered cancer drugs. Once the reports are in, accordingly the treatment is customised to the needs of the patient.

Genetic Profiling

Cancer is a genetic disease caused by changes in the DNA that control the way cells function, especially how they grow and divide. Through Genetic Profiling, the gene mutation of the cancerous cells is dedicated to determine the treatment plan and to help in monitoring the effectiveness of the targeted cancer therapy.


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