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Radiation therapy, also referred to as radiotherapy, is a key modality in the treatment of cancer. It uses controlled, targeted radiation beams, including X-rays and Gamma Rays, to destroy cancer cells, shrink tumors and cure them as well as to alleviate some cancer-related symptoms. Depending on the type and stage of the cancer, radiation may be the only treatment patient needs.
Radiation therapy is delivered to treat a wide range of cancers and, depending on the type and stage of the cancer, may be used alone or together with surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments. It is usually completely non-invasive, and the patient may not even be required to be admitted for treatment.

At SLG Cancer Center, the Radiation Oncology Department is manned by highly qualified and experienced Radiation Oncologists who are skilled in employing advanced imaging techniques before and during radiation treatment to closely track the tumour. Highly targeted radiation technologies are used to deliver high radiation doses to tumours, with techniques that are designed to have minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissues and organs.
From diagnosis to treatment planning to follow-up, we provide comprehensive, personalized patient care and advanced services to help fight cancer and manage its symptoms, making SLG Cancer Center the best radiation oncology facility in Hyderabad.

Advanced technology
for better outcomes

To offer patients world class treatment and care, SLG Cancer Center is equipped with the most advanced, high precision, fastest treatment delivery Linear Accelerator (LINAC) machine to offer the latest in external beam radiation therapy.

ABC - DIBH for Respiratory Motion Management

For unprecedented control and accuracy, an Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC) is linked to the accelerator for respiratory motion management to reduce tumour movement during planning, imaging and delivery. It enables an outstanding planning system with improved speed and accuracy to help further enhance the treatment process. The precise targeting ensures the surrounding tissue is safeguarded while the cancer cells are bombarded with a higher dose for better outcomes. This serves to reassure you that SLG Cancer Center is the best hospital for radiation cancer treatment in Hyderabad.

Therapeutic Techniques with LINAC

Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is an advanced mode of high-precision radiotherapy that uses a computer-controlled linear accelerator to deliver precise radiation doses to a tumour or specific areas within the tumour. IMRT allows for the radiation dose to conform more precisely to the three-dimensional (3-D) shape of the tumour by modulating-or controlling-the intensity of the radiation beam in multiple small volumes. IMRT also allows higher radiation doses to be focused on the tumour while minimizing the dose to surrounding normal critical structures.
Volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) is a novel radiation therapy technique that delivers the radiation dose continuously as the treatment machine rotates. This technique accurately shapes the radiation dose to the tumour while minimising the dose to the organs surrounding the tumour, thereby cutting down treatment toxicity.
Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) is a method of radiation therapy that incorporates imaging techniques during each treatment session using CBCT (cone beam computed tomography). By adding detailed images, IGRT ensures the powerful radiation is narrowly focused on the treatment area, minimising normal organ doses.
Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is a non-surgical radiation therapy used to treat functional abnormalities and small tumours of the brain. It uses 3D imaging to deliver precisely-targeted radiation with higher dose treatments than traditional therapy, with minimal impact on the surrounding healthy tissue. When SRS is used to treat tumours in areas of the body other than the brain, such as the liver, lungs and spine, it is called stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT).


treating from inside

Apart from external beam radiotherapy, SLG Cancer Center provides treatment through internal radiation therapy also known as Brachytherapy, which is considered one of the most effective ways to treat cancer. This procedure involves implanting radioactive material sealed inside a seed, pellet, wire, or capsule inside the patient’s body using a needle or catheter. The radiation given off by this source damages the DNA of nearby cancer cells, effectively killing them.
Brachytherapy is another step forward in our constant endeavor to bring patients the best cancer treatment in Hyderabad.
The main benefits of Brachytherapy include delivery of radiation with a high level of accuracy for precisely targeted treatment for enhanced efficacy and minimizing damage to nearby healthy tissues. It also reduces the duration of

treatment for some cancers and is often recommended as an alternative treatment for challenging cases. Brachytherapy helps simplify palliative treatment options and greatly reduces the risk of side effects. In short, this minimally invasive therapy entails shorter treatment time, faster recovery, and lesser hospital visits.
SLG Cancer Center provides three types of Brachytherapy – Low Dose Rate (LDR), High Dose Rate (HDR) and Permanent Implants. The care team will decide the best option depending upon the stage and location of the disease, age and general health of the patient.
While we generally use Brachytherapy to treat prostate cancer, cervical cancer, it is also effective for uterine cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, rectal cancer, eye cancer, and skin cancer.


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