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SLG Cancer Center is focused to treat patients employing latest techniques in the diagnosis, treatment and management of cancer, at an affordable price.
The 50-beded Cancer Center provides comprehensive cancer care, evidence based proven techniques to help patients achieve long-term survival and improve the quality of life. Recognized as one of the best cancer care facilities in Hyderabad, it brings renewed hope and assurance to all those battling the deadly disease as well as their loved ones.
The Cancer Center is housed in an environment that spells comfort and state-of-the-art. Our highly qualified and experienced specialists practice evidence-based medicine to draw personalized treatment pathways for patients based upon up-to-date clinical data, scientific research and therapeutic options.
As is practiced in top cancer centers across the world, we have adopted a multidisciplinary approach to bring together the experience and expertise of several specialists, including

surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, radiation therapists, nurses, and other professionals, to design customized treatment plans for each patient. This collaborative of working provides right care right away, without the inconvenience of waiting for appointments from various specialists.
Being diagnosed with cancer is a life-changing event not only for the patient but also the entire circle of loved ones. To help overcome the difficult and challenging time, we offer counselling sessions by trained professionals that serve to navigate through this period while promoting well-being.
SLG has emerged as the leading cancer treatment center in Hyderabad with advanced technologies, sophisticated equipment and evidence based protocols, to provide the most effective services in Preventive Oncology, Therapeutic Oncology and Palliative Oncology (Pain Management).


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